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Pan-Focus” -- It's always in focus without any adjustment. It allows a camera to focus on every object, no matter, how close or far away from the camera. Clear focusing on all shooting areas with great depth of focus.
“Pan Focus” lens is set to hyper focal distance and at the largest possible aperture. It’s different from “Auto Focus”. The auto focus is where the camera focuses on some exact points or objects and anything in behind or in front of the object will be out of focus.
Normally, if you use Auto Focus, when the picture has a scenery changed, the camera first will perform an Auto Focus operation and then to be able to obtain a clear image.
Contrarily, when you use Pan Focus, the camera is without the Auto Focus operation time. This helps to avoid missing a special moment that possible happens while you wait for the camera to Auto Focus.

SPECIFICATION: Model No. PF0409NI CAD$120 /each
Focal length 4~9mm
Mount 14
Maximum aperture ratio 1:1.8(f=4mm) to 1:2.8(f=9mm)
Control method
Focus Always in Focus
Zoom Motorized
Angle of view
Image size 1/3” 1/4”
Diagonal 75∘~ 38∘ 56∘~ 28∘
Horizontal 60∘~ 30∘ 45∘~ 22∘
Vertical 45∘~ 23∘ 34∘~ 17∘
Minimum object distance 20cm ~ ∞
Dimensions (mm) 26.4 mm x 38.5 (H) x37.7 (D)
Weight 26g
Application temperature range -10°C ~ + 50°C(+14°F ~+122°F)
Comments Infrared Zooming
Coil Resistance 40
Driving Voltage 3.1 V~5.0V
Allowable Voltage 3.3V±0.2V
Drive Mode PM-Type 2 phase Bi-plar
Operation Speed 1.6 [sec] (500 [PPS])
Starting frequency 500 [PPS] or less ( at allowable voltage)

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